Mr. Christie



Objections to locating a Transit Hub at Christies:

Costs: Spending $17 million to move the Loop three blocks doesn’t make much sense. That money could be better spent on upgrading the Humber Loop with better lighting, landscaping, street furniture, enlarging and updating the existing building and even painting a mural in/around the tunnel.

Entry to east Humber Park will be destroyed by overhead wires, poles, light standards, tracks, shelter, etc. This will result in a very negative impact to the entry of the park. The new location will take up much of the parkland, which is at a premium if placed on the south side of Lake Shore Blvd West.

Traffic at the intersection of Park Lawn and Lake Shore Blvd West is already heavy. At times traffic on Park Lawn stretches to the Queensway. Streetcars turning in and out of the new loop will definitely increase traffic gridlock.

Noise: Screeching noise of steel wheels on steel tracks turnings will carry in all directions. Currently the streetcars can be heard from existing Condominiums.

Humber Loop: Turn it into a Transit Hub by incorporating a new Go Station stop, drop off for buses, streetcars, access to Sobey’s Plaza and to new LRT routes along The Queensway and Sunnyside (see our webpage on TRANSIT under Subcommittees).

Future Growth: Let us not forget that future growth of passengers will occur with the redevelopment of Condominiums west of Legion Road (up to 30,000 people will populate the Humber Bay condominium area once the currently planned and approved developments are completed).

Support for retaining the current Official Plan Land Designation and Zoning for Christies as Employment Industrial Lands:

These lands should be retained to provide sustainable employment as part of a “complete community”. “Complete communities” are defined in the Toronto Official Plan as places where it is possible to live and work, and/or undertake the activities of daily life within walking distance or a short transit ride from home. Potential employment uses are:

• A Future Smart Track headquarters
• Long-term care facilities for seniors, for example, relocating Storefront Humber facilities for seniors
• High tech companies
• Schools and day care
• Convention centre, hotel
• Offices
• Community centre
• Transit node support facilities
• GO bus station
• Parkland, including appropriate street planning.
Not more Condominiums which would only require four to five staff members per building.





We are creating a new Sub-Committee for the Mr. Christie site. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join the Sub-Committee.

The Mr. Christie site ceased operations at year-end December 2013. It is about 27 acres in size and currently designated under the Toronto Official Plan as “EMPLOYMENT LANDS”.

The City has created a WORKING GROUP to consider the potential future of the site within the Planning context for the Community. However, LPCC was not invited to join the Working Group. A letter has been sent by the LPCC Executive Committee in November 2013 requesting that LPCC be included, and be provided with Minutes of previous meetings. We were subsequently advised by the City of Toronto Economic Development Department that the Working Group is not scheduled to meet again; however, LPCC would be kept informed on this matter.

In December 2013, the owner’s of the site submitted a DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION to have the site re-designated as a “REGENERATION AREA”.

Links to the documents on the Working Group and the documents included with the December 2013 Application are provided below.