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The Lakeshore

The Lakeshore area has a long and rich history of political participation.

Prior to the amalgamation with the Borough of Etobicoke the Towns of Mimico and New Toronto and the Village of Long Branch had their own governing bodies. In the early 1960s there were approximately 18 elected politicians representing the residents of these three Lakeshore communities. It was easier to have input into the decision-making process. Where there were once eighteen, a single politician now has the onerous task of representing the same Lakeshore area. That is a dramatic change from just over 40 years ago. This might help to explain the deeply embedded politically active nature of many of the Lakeshore area’s residents.

This website was created for the communities of Alderwood, Long Branch, New Toronto, Mimico and Humber Bay Shores to create a forum where visitors to the site can learn and share information about developments in the Lakeshore area. It hopes to equip locals with the ability to embrace the past and plan for the future.

About the Lakeshore Planning Council

The purpose of the Lakeshore Planning Council (LPC) is to involve the community in the planning process. The LPC’s role is to disseminate information to the community, to create a forum for the discussion of issues, to monitor the impact of development and redevelopment of the Lakeshore area, to serve as advocates for full public participation in the decision-making process and to promote cooperation and partnerships between residents, local government, businesses, community groups and developers.