Scarborough Subway Ext

Two most cost-effective alignments for the Scarborough Subway Extension


Scarborough Subway Extension SSE

  • re-routing the SSE along the existing Scarborough RT right-of-way, with most of the route above ground, would save $3 billion or more
  • the most recent projected cost of the current plan for the SSE 6.2 km route is $5.5 billion because it is being tunnelled
  • early City of Toronto studies concluded that routing the SSE along the existing RT R-O-W was entirely feasible
  • the RT R-O-W route was rejected since it would compete with Smart Track
  • Smart Track has since been absorbed by GO Transit
  • a new GO Station will not be needed if the RT R-O-W is used for the SSE, along with the existing six RT Station stops from Kennedy to McCowan
  • re-routing the SSE along the existing Scarborough RT R-O-W will save billions of taxpayers’ dollars, which can be used to extend the Eglinton LRT to the University of Toronto, Scarborough
  • for several years now, City of Toronto property tax bills include a cost for the SSE
  • read the linked report by Paul Chomik, P.Eng.

Scarborough Subway Solution – April 2017 Rev